Acknowledging Dr. Roy Shephards Contributions to Our Understanding of Inflammation: A Physical Training Model

Ingrid Brenner


Dr. Roy Shephard has contributed substantially to the development of the field of exercise immunology. Through his understanding of the physiological and immunological changes that occur in response to strenuous exercise, Dr. Shephard was one of the first to propose the idea that exercise could serve as a model to study the inflammatory process. Together with his graduate students, Dr. Shephard tested the efficacy of such a model. This was done by investigating the inflammatory changes that occur in response to various types of exercise, performed alone or in combination with additional stressors. Through these investigations, Dr. Shephard was able to conclude that if exercise was to serve as a model to study inflammation, it should be prolonged, strenuous exercise that is performed in combination with additional stressors (e.g., psychological, thermal or nutritional).


strenuous exercise, inflammation, training, stress, human model

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