A Simplified Approach to Left Ventricular Torsion

Aaron A Phillips, Anita T Cote, Darren E.R. Warburton


Recent technological advancements have provided greater insight into left ventricular mechanics, in particular left ventricular rotation (torsion and untwisting). The measurement of left ventricular rotation provides great insight into various conditions. For instance, left ventricular rotation appears to be a more sensitive marker of cardiac (mal)adaptations to different conditions such as diabetes and aging in comparison to conventional global markers.Ultrasound derived measures of rotational forces within the heart are becoming the most widely used due to its temporal resolution, affordability, portability, and ease of usage. The purpose of this review is to highlight pertinent information regarding left ventricular rotational forces for the widespread understanding of this somewhat obscure concept. It is also the intent to demonstrate the widespread applicability of this technology including the use with elite athletes to patients with established chronic disease.


Physiology, Medicine, Ultrasound

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