The Importance of Qualified Exercise Professionals in Canada

Darren E. R. Warburton, Shannon S. D. Bredin


Background The health and fitness industry has undergone considerable change in recent years. As part of this movement, we have observed a need for the regulation of the industry and the development of standards for personnel working within the field. In Canada, the term Qualified Exercise Professional was created recently to denote the level of training, education, and certification required for personnel working with varied asymptomatic and symptomatic populations. Purpose The primary purpose of this paper was to discuss the importance of Qualified Exercise Professionals in Canada. Methods A narrative review of the literature was conducted. Results There is clear evidence of the need for safe and effective physical activity/exercise interventions that improve the health and well being of Canadians. The risks associated with physical activity/exercise testing and training are extremely low. However, specialized training (such as that provided to Qualified Exercise Professionals) is warranted for work with varied populations (especially with individuals that are at higher risk for adverse exercise-related events). Conclusions Qualified Exercise Professionals are integral members of the allied health profession team working to promote widely the health benefits of physical activity in Canada. Their specialized training allows them to play central roles in the safe and effective physical activity/exercise interventions for asymptomatic and symptomatic populations.


Medicine; Exercise; Physiology; Chronic Disease; Physical Activity; Health Promotion; Exercise Science; Kinesiology

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