A Review of Blood Pressure Associated Changes in Arterial Characteristics in Children

Aaron A Phillips, Deborah O'Leary


Atherosclerosis, the gradual thickening and stiffening of the vasculature, is the cause of 50% of deaths in the westernized world. Several risk factors such as hyperlipidemia, obesity, gender, age and blood pressure are known to influence the progressive decline in arterial health. This process is thought to initiate in childhood and progress into adulthood, suggesting the most beneficial time for intervention may be early in life. The advent of non-invasive techniques to evaluate arterial health has allowed clinical paediatric investigations to become more commonplace. Several studies have investigated the impact various risk factors have on arterial health in children. However, blood pressure is especially difficult to independently investigate because of its close association with other cardiovascular risk factors. A well designed study with relevant and valid measurement of confounding factors is needed to clearly demonstrate the independent relationship between blood pressure and arterial health in children.


blood pressure, children, atherosclerosis, hypertension

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