Aerobic adaptations from resistance training in adults with a chronic condition

Christina Ziebart, Brittany Intzandt, Emilly Knight


Background: Exercise is a non-pharmacological intervention for many chronic conditions (CC). The evidence base demonstrates positive aerobic outcomes from RT; however it remains unclear if aerobic benefits occur as an outcome of engaging in RT, for older adults with CC.

Purpose: The aim of this study was to review whether RT could improve aerobic outcomes among older adults with CC.

Methods: Literature review using Medline, Cinahl and Cochrane databases, last searched in March 2017. Study quality, cohort characteristics, interventions, and aerobic outcome data were extracted.

Results: Eleven trials met inclusion criteria. RT was shown to have significant aerobic outcomes in five of the eleven articles, with the other articles showing inconclusive or non-significant findings.

Conclusion: Results suggest that RT should be prescribed to improve overall fitness in older adults with CC. Further research is required to confirm the extent to which RT can improve cardiovascular outcomes in older adults with CC.


Exercise; Aged; Chronic disease; Review; Physical Activity; Older Adults

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