Integrating Aerobic and Musculoskeletal Training can Prevent the Vicious Cycle of Physical Inactivity and Functional Decline: Knowledge Translation of Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation for Stroke Survivors

Henry P. H. Lai, Phillip P.N. Do, Darren E.R. Warburton


To reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and related comorbidities in chronic stroke survivors, clinical exercise rehabilitation has focused on improving their mobility, functional independence and overall physical activity experience. Evidence suggests that the integration of an aerobic and musculoskeletal training paradigm can provide reciprocal health benefits that can counter the vicious cycle of physical inactivity and functional decline in individuals who have had a mild-to-moderate stroke. The purpose of this review is to supplement an evidence-based knowledge translation video designed to educate the general public on the health-related benefits of physical activity post-stroke.


Stroke; Aerobic Training; Musculoskeletal Fitness; Chronic Disease Management; Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation; Physical Activity; Health Promotion

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