The Prevalence and Effects of Sedentary Behaviour in Older Adults

Kai Lauren Kaufman, Darren Warburton


Sedentary behaviour has been an emerging topic in current literature, with increased incidence of sitting time across the lifespan, causing a great concern for the associated increase of chronic disease and premature mortality commonly associated with sedentary behaviour. Older adults have the greatest rates of sedentary behaviour among the population, greatly impacting functional independence and the healthcare system. It is important to note that the majority of literature in older adults has focused on increasing physical activity levels in order to maintain functional fitness. Research for the use of interventions and strategies for decreasing rates of sedentary behaviour in older adults is lacking. It is important to recognize that older adults often face unique barriers, such as physical disability and chronic disease, prevent them from becoming less sedentary and increasing physical activity levels. 


Sedentary Behaviour, Older Adults, Physical Inactivity, Sitting Time, Functional Independence

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