The ePARmed-X+ Physician Clearance Follow-up

Darren Warburton, Veronica Jamnik, Shannon S. D. Bredin, Norman Gledhill


The new Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+) and the new online electronic Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination (ePARmed-X+) pre-participation clearance and risk stratification strategy reduces markedly the barriers to physical activity participation.This includes paper and online versions of the new PAR-Q+ and ePARmed-X+. These forms are meant for everyone regardless of age, sex, or health status. The ePARmed-X+ is an easy to follow interactive program ( that can be used to determine an individuals readiness for increased physical activity participation or a fitness appraisal. The ePARmed-X+ supplements the paper and online versions of the new PAR-Q+. Individuals who use the ePARmed-X+ have had a positive response to the follow-up questions on the PAR-Q+, or have been directed to the online program by a qualified exercise professional or another healthcare professional, owing to his/her current medical condition. At the end of the ePARmed-X+, it is possible that the participant is advised to consult a physician to discuss the various options regarding becoming more physically active. In this instance, the participant will be required to receive medical clearance for physical activity from a physician. Until this medical clearance is received, the participant is restricted to low intensity physical activity/exercise participation. This article outlines a form (i.e., the ePARmed-X+ Physician Clearance Follow-up) that assists physicians in the physical activity/exercise participation clearance process. This form is designed to expedite the clearance process for physicians further reducing the barriers to physical activity participation for those that serve to have the greatest benefits.


Medicine; Exercise; Physiology; Chronic Disease; Physical Activity; Health Promotion; Exercise Science; Kinesiology, ePARmed-X+

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