Correlates of Sedentary Behaviour in Children and Adolescents Aged 7-18: A Systematic Review

Cara S. D. Temmel, Ryan Rhodes


Background and Purpose: Risks posed by sedentary behaviours, independent of physical activity, have become evident. This review includes the current literature on the correlates of sedentary behaviours among children and adolescents to inform future interventions for reducing sedentary behaviours. Methods: Search engine literature searches were conducted up to February 2012. Eligible papers were published in English in peer-reviewed journals, and examined correlates of sedentary behaviours in youth aged 7-18 yr. Results: A total of 188 samples were included. Sedentary behaviour was correlated to age, physical maturity, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, location, week/weekend day, neighborhood satisfaction, access, emotional and physical health status, risk behaviors, family and social influences, physical activity, and nutrition. Significant differences by specific sedentary behaviors were present in the findings. Conclusions: Correlates differed by type of sedentary behaviour, suggesting this is a complex area of research that cannot be assessed simply as an absence of physical activity. Several factors seem to be reliably linked to sedentary behavior; however, evidence suggests that specific sedentary behaviours have opposing effects compared to sedentary behavior in general. Research focused on sedentary behaviour specific interventions appears necessary.


Sedentary behaviour, Health, Systematic review

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